Monday, June 28, 2010

Running for a Reason

You all know that years ago, I became a runner. Many of you know what a difference running has made in my life both physically and mentally. This fall, I will be running my 10th marathon in Washington DC, the Marine Corp Marathon.
I decided to run this marathon with a purpose and give back using the sport that has given so much to me. I am going to add Push America to the Marine Corps Marathon and create my Push America Challenge 2010!

Push America is continuing to spread a message of acceptance and understanding for people with disabilities across the nation. It’s called the Push America Challenge and it’s open to anyone who wants to challenge themselves in endurance events while raising funds and awareness for the programs of Push America.

For this 26.2 mile run I have committed to raise a minimum of $1,500 for Push America by October 1st. Currently, I have raised 10% of my goal, which is great, but I’m not there yet! I sent you this e-mail because I need YOU to help me reach the finish line. Just think – that’s only 13 people giving $100! Your entire donation is tax-deductible and guaranteed to go the distance by positively touching the lives of some very special people – of course any amount will be greatly appreciated, but don’t be scared to go for it along with me! Giving is easy. Just follow this link to check out my team member profile, get more details, and point, click and give today! It will take 5 minutes, and it couldn’t be easier to donate online. Just be sure to click on the link in the top right hand corner that says “Click Here to Sponsor Dawn”. I truly thank you for your friendship and support! I encourage you to help me out even more by forwarding this message to someone who you know will join the fundraising effort!

To see how lives have been touched by Push America follow this link

Finishing all 26.2 miles of this marathon will be a memory that I will never forget. Not only will it be an intense physical accomplishment, but the true value lies in the lives of people with disabilities that will be touched by your generosity.

Run with me in DC!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

summer has arrived

it's been almost two months since i last posted! wow! there hasn't been a lot to post, and things have been pretty busy. work has been good, running has been good, and life in general has been pretty good!
i do know one thing for sure, summer is HERE! i think i mentioned in a previous post about taking to the mornings to run. well since then, the heat has gotten much worse and the humidity even higher, if that is even possible. so yeah, i'm still running in the morning. i'm even waking up a couple mornings before 5 to run before i teach my 6 a.m. spin class. so guess what, my internal alarm clock is at 5 a.m. now! no sleeping in comfortably for me on the rare one day i get to. it's worth it.
life has been fun as well as busy. my window replacement project in my house is finished, for the most part. and i'm loving my new energy efficient windows. this gaping hole was how i saw my house when i left for work one morning. i was glad i was leaving!for our university's centennial commencement, i helped host our commencement speaker. my co-worker and i were able to sneak a quick photo before he headed back to nyc.

i get to travel sometimes with my job, and i get to do some cool things. like the college world series last year, and the mississippi picnic in central park this year. the mississippi society in nyc hosts a picnic every summer in central park, and different cities and universities from the state host tents and booths for the natives who now live in nyc. this was the 31st year of the picnic and it was as successful as ever, complete with friend catfish and sweet tea. here's a pic of the southern miss crew. smttt!i'm about 3 weeks away from beginning my marathon training for marine corp. i'm excited and ready to get going. i've completed my schedule, and now focusing on getting myself prepared mentally and physically for the upcoming 16 weeks. now that commencement, nyc, and the window project are behind me, i can look forward to the rest of my summer training and recovering by the pool.

it's good to be back!