Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new shoes - to run or not to run

i love new shoes. i love old shoes! i love all shoes! this weekend, i got two new pair of shoes. one, a super sophisticated pair of high heels, and the other, a sleek new pair of running shoes. both were birthday presents! no better gift than shoes! for years, i've been wearing the Asics Gel Kayano, and i love these shoes. they are kind to my feet and my potential for shin splints. i broke them out last night for a run, and i was almost blinded. they are the WHITEST shoes! i commented on how white they are, and another runner said she loved bright new shoes cause they made her feel fast! i just feel like a nerd wearing bright, white new shoes. sadly, they'll get dirty and worn in no time. but they felt wonderful, and i'm reminded how much i love new running shoes or any new running toy for that matter. here's to lots of miles logged on these babies!

i ran at the track with a few others. a couple of girls weren't feeling it so i was easily swayed into just running some miles. since i had a good run on saturday, i was ok with that. i ended up getting in 6 and parts of this run were really good. i felt mostly pain free, until the end, and i'm feeling some tightness today in the IT band again. the road to recovery is apparently a long one. but i think i'm further down the road, finally.

a thought popped into my head earlier this week. switch from the full marathon to the half marathon in new orleans. reasons: 1) heart is not in the long miles lately, 2) body has been hit with a few issues - IT band, periformis, fatigue, 3) training hasn't been good at all. mostly, my heart isn't into the miles. i think what started as slow recovery from vegas turned into problems in the IT and periformis which resulted in losing my drive for 26.2 on february 28. i want to run something, i just need to thoroughly think it through before i make the decision to switch. i want no regrets, only happiness with whatever i decide.

i have completely enjoyed running during my last few runs. i'm feeling better and running a little better. i'm still moving forward and away from the burnout that begin in early 2008. running is a lot mental, but i think i'm WAY more mental than the worst mental runner. since my mental struggle began a couple years ago, i decided that whatever i run, i need to do it for the right reasons, whatever they may be. which is why i am considering the switch from 26.2 to 13.1. the reason would be to make sure i have fun that day NO MATTER WHAT.

stay tuned!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

crazy week - bad times, good times, and a year older

last week, my 18 miler went down the toilet! wowza, what a bad run. i've been hurting pretty badly in my IT band and periformis, and i have been taking it pretty easy now for weeks. saturday woke up to rain and just wasn't feeling a run for 18 miles in that mess. i slept in, hit the treadmill for a few boring, slow miles, and then finished up with stretching and core work. all part of fulfilling my goals for 2010. then watched the saints...who dat!

decided that i would go for the 18 on sunday. the leg was feeling pretty good, and i would rather get it done on the weekend it was scheduled instead of putting it off. i had a team, vicki and terri. vicki for the first 8 and terri for the last 10. it was cloudy, cool, and a bit too windy on sunday afternoon, but all in all, not bad weather for a long run. felt good in the first 8, and felt good in the next 4-6. the rest, DOWNHILL quickly. and it wasn't the IT band or periformis that canned me. it was some odd sensation of not being able to breathe! i would start feeling shortness of breath, try to deep breathe, feel my chest and back get super tight, then i would get lightheaded, and then nauseated. that cycled repeated consistently, beginning as soon as it ended. the only way to end it was to walk. poor terri, she had to endure my complaints, my apologies, and all the walking. i would have been ok with her leaving me, but i think she was worried i'd pass out! i was a little worried about that too.

finally, we made it back. terri left, and i headed home, feeling 'ok'. once at home, whoa. nausea, lightheadedness, and just plain old feeling bad. i got in the bed and called it a night! this weakness lingered for a day or two, and i have been taking it majorly easy. my good buddy terri ended up with a stomach virus the night of our run! she was way more ill than i was! i don't know what happened that day, but it was something weird!

tuesday was my birthday - 37. i got to have lunch with mom, have cake with work friends, and run with running friends. not a bad day. wednesday, i was courtside at the new orleans hornets game, at least during the 4th quarter. i am lucky to work for an organization that allows me to do really cool stuff more often than not. the hornets game, thanks to our association president, was one of them. we were treated to seats in a suite complete with a spread, and 4 courtside seats that we took turns using. i must say, the view was awesome from the floor. we had a great time, and it was a good addition to my birthday week. my birthday week will end with a long run tomorrow with vicki and ginny, and then i'm headed to jackson to do some shopping and have dinner.
i am continuing my 2010 goals of eating good, except for the birthday cake and basketball game food, but thanksfully, the cake is gone so i can get back on track. my running, however, is suffering. i don't know if i'm a little burned out post vegas marathon, or i'm legitmately having some issues. either way, i'm not quitting, but i'm not able to do anything more than just run. i don't feel physically able to do a lot. i'm still going to new orleans, and it will be a 'fun run', but i will regroup after i've recovered and get a new plan.
i'm excited to report that i'm fulfilling another goal today by going to yoga. classes at the payne center resumed this week with the start of school. i'm excited about this aspect of my goals and adding this back into my training and recovery. especially with the leg ailments that have hindered me lately.
i might be weak, but i will continue to Run For My Life!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hell is freezing

yes, you heard me. hell is freezing over cause i am eating healthy! i do not make resolutions, but i have goals for this year. as you remember, eating healthy is one. no other way to do it than to just do it!

my diet isn't horrible, but i do enjoy a lot of splurging and some bountiful meals. i still plan to splurge from time to time, but less of it. i also plan to make better choices and cut back the amount i eat. i started monday, and i'm happy with how it's been going. i am adding fruits in as snacks, going to eat more veggies, eat out less, and eat a better breakfast.

not only do i want to be healthier, i'd like to lose a few pounds. my running is up and down right now with this IT band / periformis problem so i definitely need the added boost of a healthier diet.

go me!

Monday, January 11, 2010

training and stretching

i wish i were in better shape to truly enjoy and take advantage of this great running weather! i love the cold temps and usually run so much better. saturday, jenn, ginny, vicki, and i were 4 of the few who were out braving the wind and below freezing temps. i ran 16 miles, starting with jenn and ginny for 4, then met vicki for my last 8. i don't think i ever really got warm!

i have a few more long runs before new orleans. what i had hoped to be a good race, may now be one 'just for fun'. i'm still struggling with this periformis / IT band issue in my right leg. this issue has prevented the kind of training i had hoped to continue after vegas. i've accepted this, and i am planning to continue with my training for new orleans, just modify it a bit. to race will still be an accomplishment, and another race under my belt. the main thing is, i'm still training, keeping up my motivation, and moving forward. baby steps, right? it's a marathon, not a sprint.

i know i'm not stretching enough, so i made a goal yesterday to really make a point to stretch after each workout, forever. i have to realize i am not getting any younger, and that my age might actually be a factor, yikes! i always stretch after i teach a spin class, and it always feels so good, so why is it such a problem to do after i run? my good friend vicki has been nursing an injured hamstring for over a month now. she hasn't stopped running, but she has been vigorous in self massaging and stretching. she has seen vast improvements in her injury. i need to follow the advice of my wise running friends and take that extra 5 -10 minutes and stretch.

i will be adding yoga back into my workouts next week once the payne center begins its spring semester class schedule. i look forward to the extra benefits that will offer. just one more step in the right direction for this new year and my goals. i'm determined to accomplish them!

2010 is off to a great start!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

what's my motivation?

two steps forward, one step back. or it's more like one step forward, two steps back.

first i wasn't physically recovered from vegas. then i was, and started getting back on track. now, i don't want to run! ha! i had a good week last week. 35 miles, taught 3 spin classes, and did a lot of stretching and some walking even. i was taking it easy, feel good, and ready to train! this week, i don't wanna run, and my leg feel tight again. i will, and must, get through this emotional hurdle.

things i'm repeating in my head to motivate myself.
- new orleans will be my 9th marathon - something to be proud of and to celebrate
- don't worry about the PR on this one, just keep running
- lots of friends will be there, i don't wanna miss the FUN!
- continued marathon training means more king cake for me!
- the rotten ex will be there to attempt another marathon - i can beat him! (ok so that one is mean, but you know you think it too!)

new orleans is the scene of the crime of 2008. the place where i hit the wall. where i succombed to complete burnout. where at mile 14, i took off my number and walked back to the finish area. where i shed tears over my quickness to wimp out. where i was utterly disappointed that despite being in the best shape of my life, i would not be smashing that PR. could these things be the cause of the motivational and mental struggle? with me, yes!

maybe it's time to find a cool new running gadget.

Monday, January 4, 2010

year end stats

my 2009

running - 1075 miles
biking - 499.5
spin - 2-3 classes per week
1 marathon - las vegas - 4:16

goals for 2010

run over 1000 miles again, try to hit 1300
continue my biking and spinning
be more faithful to weekly yoga
eat healthier (that's the hard one)
PR in the marathon
run more shorter races

it is written - now i can't hide.

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year, happy new running

i've heard many say that 2009 wasn't a great year. well it must have been in the water! 2009 wasn't the best of years for me, and i'm happy to welcome 2010 and a new decade. if i had to use one word to sum up 2009, i wouldn't have to think long on that one. the word is disappointing.

disappointing because a relationship i was enjoying and growing attached to ended.

disappointing because my sweet 9 year old dog passed away.

disappointing because i wasn't my best at work.

disappointing because it wasn't a great year of running for me.

today is the first day of 2010, and i hopefully started out on the right foot with a 14 mile run. that's pretty big, not because i started off the year with that long of a run, but because i've had trouble running! let's hope and count on that meaning something as i have high hopes for 2010 - personally, professionally, and physically.

so, here's to a good year and lots of PR's!