Monday, January 4, 2010

year end stats

my 2009

running - 1075 miles
biking - 499.5
spin - 2-3 classes per week
1 marathon - las vegas - 4:16

goals for 2010

run over 1000 miles again, try to hit 1300
continue my biking and spinning
be more faithful to weekly yoga
eat healthier (that's the hard one)
PR in the marathon
run more shorter races

it is written - now i can't hide.


  1. I especially like the last goal. Miss you at the shorter races.

  2. You can't hide on a blog post! I like these straight forward goals and I"m sure you'll accomplish them all, good luck! I'd like to do more spinning and biking...we'll see!

  3. Nice numbers and excellent goals!