Sunday, August 30, 2009

no rest for the weary

what a week! it was minimal as far as exercise and workouts go, but i got my runs in, pretty much. the day isn't over yet, but this week i had 31 miles running, 1 spin class (due to the dog, got a sub for wednesday morning), and 1 yoga class.

wednesday was supposed to be 5 miles with 2 x 1600m repeats. it had been a horribly stressful week up to that point so i just couldn't muster the strength to run what i needed to run for those 1600s. vicki and i decided to save our workout and run some hard hills instead. i don't like modifying workouts to that degree, but it was exactly what i needed to do. thursday was an easy 6 mile run, and i felt good about how i felt. friday after work, i did my weekly yoga. i found out during my 14 mile run that yoga before a run isn't bad! my hips felt open and my legs felt loose and strong! i was worried during the class that i might be making a mistake so i was careful on some of the hard leg stuff where you really put weight or pressure on the muscles. my body really responds to regular yoga so hopefully with the membership at the payne center, i can get on a weekly schedule much easier now. i do miss kelly's class though!

let's talk about the 14 miler briefly. i wasn't dreading it, but i was just ready to get it over with. the week has been so tough, that this run was the last thing on my mind. i got up, went out for 4, then met vicki for 10. i'm not killing the pace, but i'm definitely trying to pick it up. no more lolly-gagging (is that 1 work or two?) though. with the temps and humidity supposed to be higher, i wasn't planning on it being a good run so i didn't take my garmin. i feel like i ran it right where i needed to, and in the last mile, we stretched out our stride and ran it in harder. all in all, i was pleased. i felt strong, even though it definitely tired me out.

this week will end with a 16 miler. no more gravy runs! i plan on hitting my tempo run this week and getting back up motivationally. time to get moving!

update on jack - he's having some trouble, but hopefully the docs are getting him straight. he has an unexpected infection(s) causing him not to be able to eat. he's been at the ER overnight and might stay another night. he's on an IV and getting antibiotics. they won't let me take him home until he can hold down solid food. please let us get through this so we can move forward. it's stressful enough going through this with him, but another side of the stress is the cost. i think dogs cost more than people. i'm just piling it up, and will figure it out after we're through it. anyone know where i can find a sugar daddy or a sure thing lottery ticket?

run for you life!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hump day

wednesday is appropriately called hump day. you are crossing over the top of the hump, the first part of the week, and sliding down the other side, the rest of the week. normally it's a positive day for most. for me, hump day couldn't have started off any worse.

i was pleased to get my 7 miles in last night because it was the last thing i wanted to do. i started out running on campus and the trace and planned to get it all in there. i actually stopped at 5 miles then broke my neck to get home to see about jack cause i just needed to see how he was. finding he was 'ok', i forced myself back out the door to finish my last two miles. i hate splitting it up, but this week, everything is a challenge. jack was so weak yesterday that i could almost feel my heart breaking in half. it was like getting an elderly person up to get him out to use the bathroom. it broke me down into tears seeing him so weak. i had to keep reminding myself, it's just the treatment and that it's helping him.

i woke up in a much better frame of mind. i got a sub for my morning spin class that i teach so i could focus on jack, then get to work early since i had to be in a training seminar all day. it should have been perfect, but it was not so much. i got jack settled into his confined space, my kitchen, and then headed off to work. on my way to work, i apparently was everywhere but in that car because i rear-ended someone about halfway to work. luckily, it was just a bump, and there was no damage to her car and only minor scratches on mine. she was THE nicest lady and she actually hugged me before we drove away. ugh, more tears. i survived the reamainder of the day at work, which started out with lots of griping.

after work, the training plan was speedwork. the day has been so draining that i was skeptical. vicki met me at home so i could check on the boy before we headed out. we started out our run and neither of us were feeling it. i hate dumping scheduled workouts, especially when training, but today, it wasn't going to happen by any means. we 'saved' the workout and opted for the 5 miles in hills instead of speed. there is a hill by my house that is a bi-otch! we ran it, and i made myself like it. even though it wasn't my mile repeats, i still was pleased with the run. i look at days like this as days i could easily skip all together, but today, i did it.

hump day made a surprising turn for the better. none of my days are stellar right now, but i'll take what i can get. i found a perkier dog at home this evening, although still very shakey on his legs. he got treated to a small bit of canned dog food (he hasn't much in days, so he only ate a tiny bit), and some tasty dog treats! we'll try that again tomorrow! just happy to see him starting to feel a tiny bit better.

let's hope the slide of the rest of the week continues with the positive. fingers are crossed!

run for you life!

Monday, August 24, 2009


as a general rule, monday is a hectic day. over the summer, the mondays got more hectic, the weeks more stressful, and the quiet times at home, well...they got much lonelier. summer of 2009 will go down in the books as a pretty crappy one.

the happenings of my summer caused me to neglect a lot of things in my life...for a while diet, running, job responsibilities, but mostly the little things. even though i didn't give the proper amount of attention to him, i could always count on my jack (my dog) to give love and attention no matter what. today, i found out he has heartworms. apparently he was one of the things i neglected too. he has started his treatment, and everything should be ok, but i can't help but feel like i let him down. he gave me his love and attention, and i failed to supply him with his needs. it's a good thing i have no children.

this summer has been one of the worst of my life. i'm finding that i'm a late bloomer on adult, love, hurt, in that order. just cause it happens later in life, doesn't mean it's any easier. they say life gets better as you get older, and it does, for sure. as much as it gets better, it gets harder. you definitely learn a lot of life lessons. i am sitting here as i write dealing with a ton of emotions and trying my best to fight a few urges as a result of those emotions. all stemming from a summer of hurt and a monday from hell.

days like today and summers like i've had are what normally drive people to run or work harder at something. i, on the other hand, tend to pull away. tonight, i am also fighting the urge to climb back into a shell that doesn't include running. december 6 is what will force me to be diligent and fight that urge. tomorrow, i will drag myself out of bed, i will run, i will go to work, and i will push the emotions away. i will pick up my dog, and pray that i have not neglected him too long.

didn't mom say there would be days like this? she did, but she didn't mention there would be more than one....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

week 1 of vegas training

ok, so i just started back training, after a semi-retirement of over a year and a half. the road back to training has been a long one.

fall of 2007 was some of the best marathon training i have ever had, EVER. i was really sticking to speed work and running my long runs harder. i slimmed up a little, and found a boatload of confidence i have never had. philly was a PR by 7 minutes. i had hoped to crack the 4 hour, but i think i owe that 6 minutes over 4 to a hilly course (after they promised it was flat - good thing i did some hill training though), rain, and temps that dropped during the race. it was less than ideal, but an amazing day for me.

my plan was to run the mississippi blues marathon in january of 08 for 'fun'. fun is a termed used way loosely when talking about marathons. looking back, it was fun. at the time, i wanted to die. at mile 18, after running the first half with a friend and a few miles on my own, i met up with another friend. we grabbed our cameras and planned to finish the last 8 miles goofing off. and we did just that, after a few beers, lots of curse words, plenty of walking, and some tell all photos. that was just a moment in my training because the next race would be new orleans where i'd really go for it. and up until my 22 miler, training couldn't have been more perfect. new orleans was one of the worst days of my life (running wise) cause i dropped out at mile 14. i fully believe that i peaked a few weeks too early in training and my 22 mile run was my marathon. on that run, i averaged 8:35 and total time was 3:08. what a day. still my best run to date, training and racing.

so, after new orleans, i hated running, but i thought that if i pushed through, had some fun, i'd be ok. wrong. two or three different times, i took more than a week or two off, and struggled to find my groove when i was running. i decided that training might help so i signed up for the houston marathon. a few weeks before, i decided to not go. i just couldn't run a marathon, wasn't ready.

spring came around, and i was having a blast in life. will keep that to myself cause it led to the worst summer of my life. but, my recovery from that has led me back to training. i finally feel like 'i'm back'. for weeks now, i've been consistent, hitting weekly runs, long runs, etc. so here i am, signed up and beginning my training for vegas. this week, i added speed work back. it was terrible, but what can i expect right? i haven't done speedwork since the spring. but i did it, was out there running hard again. as bad as it hurt, it feel great! my first long run was 12 miles, and it might be my best long run in months. i didn't knock it out the park, but i felt stronger than i have in a while.

so this week, i got in 31 miles of running, taught 3 spin classes, and did 1 yoga class. sunday ends my training week so a bike ride tomorrow is still possible. week 1 is in the books, let's see what i can do for week 2!

run for your life!

my first time

i have always viewed blogging like i used to view using a cell phone in public. i swore i'd never do it. years later, i find myself now using my cell phone in a variety of public places, and now here i am, creating a blog. funny how things comes back on you.

i have been a runner for a few years now, probably almost 7. a few years before i started running, i was about 35 - 40 pounds heavier than i am now. i was mostly a gym rat at that time until a friend decided she wanted to try running because she was dating a new guy (her now husband) and she wanted to 'tone up'. this friend hates exercise, raising the heartrate, sweating, you get the idea. so the idea of running coming from her was stunning, but i bit. we started running, but after about 2 weeks, you guessed it, i was on my own. i kept plugging along and was finally able to run 3 miles without stopping. from there, well, that's how i ended up where i am now. 7 marathons later, and now working on my 8th.

7 marathons taking me from new orleans, to memphis, to chicago, back to new orleans, austin, philadelphia, pa, and jackson, ms. next stop, vegas! all these stops have the ultimate location in mind, boston. any runner will tell you that running is full of ups and downs, good runs and bad runs. maybe i'll share some of those with you!

run for your life!