Saturday, August 22, 2009

my first time

i have always viewed blogging like i used to view using a cell phone in public. i swore i'd never do it. years later, i find myself now using my cell phone in a variety of public places, and now here i am, creating a blog. funny how things comes back on you.

i have been a runner for a few years now, probably almost 7. a few years before i started running, i was about 35 - 40 pounds heavier than i am now. i was mostly a gym rat at that time until a friend decided she wanted to try running because she was dating a new guy (her now husband) and she wanted to 'tone up'. this friend hates exercise, raising the heartrate, sweating, you get the idea. so the idea of running coming from her was stunning, but i bit. we started running, but after about 2 weeks, you guessed it, i was on my own. i kept plugging along and was finally able to run 3 miles without stopping. from there, well, that's how i ended up where i am now. 7 marathons later, and now working on my 8th.

7 marathons taking me from new orleans, to memphis, to chicago, back to new orleans, austin, philadelphia, pa, and jackson, ms. next stop, vegas! all these stops have the ultimate location in mind, boston. any runner will tell you that running is full of ups and downs, good runs and bad runs. maybe i'll share some of those with you!

run for your life!

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