Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hump day

wednesday is appropriately called hump day. you are crossing over the top of the hump, the first part of the week, and sliding down the other side, the rest of the week. normally it's a positive day for most. for me, hump day couldn't have started off any worse.

i was pleased to get my 7 miles in last night because it was the last thing i wanted to do. i started out running on campus and the trace and planned to get it all in there. i actually stopped at 5 miles then broke my neck to get home to see about jack cause i just needed to see how he was. finding he was 'ok', i forced myself back out the door to finish my last two miles. i hate splitting it up, but this week, everything is a challenge. jack was so weak yesterday that i could almost feel my heart breaking in half. it was like getting an elderly person up to get him out to use the bathroom. it broke me down into tears seeing him so weak. i had to keep reminding myself, it's just the treatment and that it's helping him.

i woke up in a much better frame of mind. i got a sub for my morning spin class that i teach so i could focus on jack, then get to work early since i had to be in a training seminar all day. it should have been perfect, but it was not so much. i got jack settled into his confined space, my kitchen, and then headed off to work. on my way to work, i apparently was everywhere but in that car because i rear-ended someone about halfway to work. luckily, it was just a bump, and there was no damage to her car and only minor scratches on mine. she was THE nicest lady and she actually hugged me before we drove away. ugh, more tears. i survived the reamainder of the day at work, which started out with lots of griping.

after work, the training plan was speedwork. the day has been so draining that i was skeptical. vicki met me at home so i could check on the boy before we headed out. we started out our run and neither of us were feeling it. i hate dumping scheduled workouts, especially when training, but today, it wasn't going to happen by any means. we 'saved' the workout and opted for the 5 miles in hills instead of speed. there is a hill by my house that is a bi-otch! we ran it, and i made myself like it. even though it wasn't my mile repeats, i still was pleased with the run. i look at days like this as days i could easily skip all together, but today, i did it.

hump day made a surprising turn for the better. none of my days are stellar right now, but i'll take what i can get. i found a perkier dog at home this evening, although still very shakey on his legs. he got treated to a small bit of canned dog food (he hasn't much in days, so he only ate a tiny bit), and some tasty dog treats! we'll try that again tomorrow! just happy to see him starting to feel a tiny bit better.

let's hope the slide of the rest of the week continues with the positive. fingers are crossed!

run for you life!

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