Sunday, August 30, 2009

no rest for the weary

what a week! it was minimal as far as exercise and workouts go, but i got my runs in, pretty much. the day isn't over yet, but this week i had 31 miles running, 1 spin class (due to the dog, got a sub for wednesday morning), and 1 yoga class.

wednesday was supposed to be 5 miles with 2 x 1600m repeats. it had been a horribly stressful week up to that point so i just couldn't muster the strength to run what i needed to run for those 1600s. vicki and i decided to save our workout and run some hard hills instead. i don't like modifying workouts to that degree, but it was exactly what i needed to do. thursday was an easy 6 mile run, and i felt good about how i felt. friday after work, i did my weekly yoga. i found out during my 14 mile run that yoga before a run isn't bad! my hips felt open and my legs felt loose and strong! i was worried during the class that i might be making a mistake so i was careful on some of the hard leg stuff where you really put weight or pressure on the muscles. my body really responds to regular yoga so hopefully with the membership at the payne center, i can get on a weekly schedule much easier now. i do miss kelly's class though!

let's talk about the 14 miler briefly. i wasn't dreading it, but i was just ready to get it over with. the week has been so tough, that this run was the last thing on my mind. i got up, went out for 4, then met vicki for 10. i'm not killing the pace, but i'm definitely trying to pick it up. no more lolly-gagging (is that 1 work or two?) though. with the temps and humidity supposed to be higher, i wasn't planning on it being a good run so i didn't take my garmin. i feel like i ran it right where i needed to, and in the last mile, we stretched out our stride and ran it in harder. all in all, i was pleased. i felt strong, even though it definitely tired me out.

this week will end with a 16 miler. no more gravy runs! i plan on hitting my tempo run this week and getting back up motivationally. time to get moving!

update on jack - he's having some trouble, but hopefully the docs are getting him straight. he has an unexpected infection(s) causing him not to be able to eat. he's been at the ER overnight and might stay another night. he's on an IV and getting antibiotics. they won't let me take him home until he can hold down solid food. please let us get through this so we can move forward. it's stressful enough going through this with him, but another side of the stress is the cost. i think dogs cost more than people. i'm just piling it up, and will figure it out after we're through it. anyone know where i can find a sugar daddy or a sure thing lottery ticket?

run for you life!

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