Wednesday, January 6, 2010

what's my motivation?

two steps forward, one step back. or it's more like one step forward, two steps back.

first i wasn't physically recovered from vegas. then i was, and started getting back on track. now, i don't want to run! ha! i had a good week last week. 35 miles, taught 3 spin classes, and did a lot of stretching and some walking even. i was taking it easy, feel good, and ready to train! this week, i don't wanna run, and my leg feel tight again. i will, and must, get through this emotional hurdle.

things i'm repeating in my head to motivate myself.
- new orleans will be my 9th marathon - something to be proud of and to celebrate
- don't worry about the PR on this one, just keep running
- lots of friends will be there, i don't wanna miss the FUN!
- continued marathon training means more king cake for me!
- the rotten ex will be there to attempt another marathon - i can beat him! (ok so that one is mean, but you know you think it too!)

new orleans is the scene of the crime of 2008. the place where i hit the wall. where i succombed to complete burnout. where at mile 14, i took off my number and walked back to the finish area. where i shed tears over my quickness to wimp out. where i was utterly disappointed that despite being in the best shape of my life, i would not be smashing that PR. could these things be the cause of the motivational and mental struggle? with me, yes!

maybe it's time to find a cool new running gadget.


  1. Hey - it's 2010 - leave the guy and the bad marathon behind in the last decade. Only good things going forward. New Orleans will be fun and that's the main goal, right?

  2. I've never head a "rotten ex" being used as motivation but hey, what eve r gets your there!! You'll conquer and do so well, don't even dwell on it...must move forward!

  3. well, the rotten ex comment was a joke! couple of those were meant to be silly. trust me, i've moved on from both bad experiences.

  4. Great to run with you today! Hope the rest of your run went well. Lets do it again sometime. Cheers!