Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new shoes - to run or not to run

i love new shoes. i love old shoes! i love all shoes! this weekend, i got two new pair of shoes. one, a super sophisticated pair of high heels, and the other, a sleek new pair of running shoes. both were birthday presents! no better gift than shoes! for years, i've been wearing the Asics Gel Kayano, and i love these shoes. they are kind to my feet and my potential for shin splints. i broke them out last night for a run, and i was almost blinded. they are the WHITEST shoes! i commented on how white they are, and another runner said she loved bright new shoes cause they made her feel fast! i just feel like a nerd wearing bright, white new shoes. sadly, they'll get dirty and worn in no time. but they felt wonderful, and i'm reminded how much i love new running shoes or any new running toy for that matter. here's to lots of miles logged on these babies!

i ran at the track with a few others. a couple of girls weren't feeling it so i was easily swayed into just running some miles. since i had a good run on saturday, i was ok with that. i ended up getting in 6 and parts of this run were really good. i felt mostly pain free, until the end, and i'm feeling some tightness today in the IT band again. the road to recovery is apparently a long one. but i think i'm further down the road, finally.

a thought popped into my head earlier this week. switch from the full marathon to the half marathon in new orleans. reasons: 1) heart is not in the long miles lately, 2) body has been hit with a few issues - IT band, periformis, fatigue, 3) training hasn't been good at all. mostly, my heart isn't into the miles. i think what started as slow recovery from vegas turned into problems in the IT and periformis which resulted in losing my drive for 26.2 on february 28. i want to run something, i just need to thoroughly think it through before i make the decision to switch. i want no regrets, only happiness with whatever i decide.

i have completely enjoyed running during my last few runs. i'm feeling better and running a little better. i'm still moving forward and away from the burnout that begin in early 2008. running is a lot mental, but i think i'm WAY more mental than the worst mental runner. since my mental struggle began a couple years ago, i decided that whatever i run, i need to do it for the right reasons, whatever they may be. which is why i am considering the switch from 26.2 to 13.1. the reason would be to make sure i have fun that day NO MATTER WHAT.

stay tuned!!!!


  1. Fun is good, a top priority in my book!

  2. Not sure what I will do at Mardi Gras, but if I can get up to 18-20 before Mardi Gras, I may run the full, slow. We could run it together, that would be FUN. (9:30-10:00) The only problem is that I am week to week with my training. I can't make any definite plans, boo hiss!