Friday, October 9, 2009

long time coming

man, i don't even know when i last wrote! life's been good though. training is still up and down, but so is the weather! and i blame i on the weather!

after i last wrote, i was getting over a few bad runs and some aches and pains. the day i wrote was a tuesday, and we were enjoying a wonderful cool snap. i went out for an 8 mile 'easy' run with jim and kily. it was no such thing! it was an AMAZING run. 8 miles at 8:26 average, or 8:29, can't remember. first 4 were 8:55, and the last 4 were 8:05. my last mile was a blazing, lung burning, 7:42. wowza! what a good run! the next night, took it easy on 5 with vicki. thursday, took it easy on 10 with terri! friday was rest, and saturday was try #2 for 20. it was painful, but i finished. had more aches and pains, but i had a pretty hard week so it's to be expected. i finished the week with 3 spin classes and 43 miles running.

this week has been slower and easier. i might have to alternate like this - hard week, easy week. i ran 8 on tuesday and 7 on wednesday. both were uncomfortable so i ended up taking a break yesterday. i had planned to go to yoga, but i find out that it's fall break (i didn't notice cause i'm at work!) and there were no classes. today i had thought about running as well, but, i didn't. the next paragraph will explain that one. tomorrow, i will do something at some point, depending on weather and reason for not running today.

after i lost my sweet jack, i swore, no more dogs. it's been 5 weeks, and i now have a 1 1/2 year old black lab named ashley. via my insurance agent, i found out about a lady who needed to find a good home for this dog. the dog is well taken care of and very well trained. this is the way to get a dog! i'm having lots of emotions - missing jack, getting used to her, and wondering what have i done! it's nice to have company in the house again. i do miss jack a lot right now, but i think ash and i will be great friends. i will upload pictures when it's not moving so slowly.

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