Sunday, February 21, 2010

running, sunshine, and baseball

10 miles, last one, then 26.2. and after 26.2, i'm going to enjoy weekends of 10's and 12's!

this was a low week for me, lower than i wanted as i was forced to take tuesday off due to feeling a bit under the weather. monday was my day to teach spin twice, so i usually look forward to a longish, easy run on tuesday, which didn't happen. after teaching wednesday morning, i went for that longish run after work. 7 miles, easy, relaxing, and my legs felt good. thursday, i was going for 7 or so again. stopped at 5 cause it just wasn't my day! i managed to salvage my workout by doing some yoga, stretching, and ab work at home. gotta work those kinks out!
saturday, i met terri and jenny to run 10. vicki joined us for 8. we had a great time, and it ended up being a really quality run. it's funny, cause none of us wore our garmins! i was able to run my last mile and a half in pretty hard. it was a good day.

the weather was gorgeous this weekend. it was the perfect weather for one of my favorite things - college baseball! friday was opening weekend at the park, and i made it out for a few innings after work. saturday, after my run, i headed back out for day two. what a great day! i'm looking forward to spring, more baseball, and lots of 10 to 14 mile runs for a while! i'm going to enjoy life without training for a marathon for a while (until fall), and get back in the short distance game. my first few 5k times will be sucky, but i have to start somewhere! i have a few ideas for the fall, and i'm going to keep those to myself until i figure things out. there will definitely be a fall marathon, and i plan on getting there strong!!!
i hope to be celebrating and recovering this time next sunday from a FUN marathon! it's just for fun, right?

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  1. I love your new blog look, very cheerful. Nice job on your run, I enjoy running without my Garmin, how funny that you and your friends all forgot your Garmins! Have a nice week!