Monday, August 22, 2011

sweet #50 = Taper Time!

This has been a great summer. I'm in my 5th month of working with Coach, and it's still going very well. It's been the motivation and fun I've needed to push through these tough months and do the training I need to do. With Tupelo's 26.2 looming ahead in now less than 2 weeks, I feel prepared to go and finish this race standing up.

I just finished up my last big week of mileage and am now sliding into taper time! I won't lie and say I'm not happy about the taper. It's been a hot, humid summer, and I've had more early mornings than one person should. I'm especially happy because my last big week was a milestone week of 50 miles. I've never put in 50 miles in one week, and it felt awesome! Each mile was fantastic, accomplishing all the paces and distances on my plan for the week. As the week wore in, the runs got more difficult, but that made the finish that much sweeter. It's definitely something I plan to accomplish many more times!

So what does taper hold for me? So far, an extra day of rest after Saturday's 20 miler. Tomorrow I'll be back at it with a 6 mile run. Shorter distances and perhaps some elevated paces which will equal 30 miles this week. I'll take that! I've never been one to hate on the taper, so this time I plan to embrace all that it has to offer, which will be whatever Coach says!

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