Tuesday, October 4, 2011

where have i been?

That's a good question. After my time trial, my last post, I had another successful week of training that included my first heart rate workout. That workout was more difficult than I thought, but I lived, somehow. I'm actually looking forward to more of this type of training as the fall continues especially with the weather finally cooling down.

So, after that HR run, I woke up on Friday feeling pretty
blah. Blah as in fatigued, overly fatigued. I shrugged it off, but when I woke up Saturday, I felt the same way but more intense except with some dizziness. There was no hesitation when canceling my run. Sunday, more of the same. Monday, a repeat and a very worthless spin class. Tuesday I was going to attempt a 6 mile easy run. I couldn't even make it 2 miles. I cut the run off at 4 and walked/ran/limped home. I didn't hesitate on Wednesday to cancel spin and Thursday to sleep in. I was very concerned something was up. Luckily on Friday, it seemed to start passing. Hallelujah! I emailed coach and told him I wanted to run. So I went out on Saturday morning for an easy 6. Sadly, I wore out pretty quickly, but I didn't feel sick and it felt awesome to run. Sunday was a different story, but I'm back and I've never been happier. Today I went out for a 7 mile ladder, and while it was still tough, it felt great to be back even stronger.

So, now to the main reason I have been away. School. Yep, school. This semester is ROCKING my world. I finish one project or paper, and then it is on to another. Never ending it seems!
In fact, I have a midterm tomorrow that I should be studying for, however, I canNOT study another minute tonight. This semester is a big challenge as both classes are requiring all my efforts and my time, and I seem to have lost my classroom A-game somewhere down the road. Who know burn out would come after one year, but in my defense I have been out of school for 15 years. That's a long time! The best news is that after this semester, I have just one class left. One. And count this as proof that I do not plan on ever going back to school again! If I mention that I am thinking about it, slap me. And slap me hard! I am so happy to be doing this, but I will be even happier to have it behind me. Ok, so I think I will study a little bit more tonight....

Oh, and this weekend, I am heading to DC and Annapolis for a 'work' trip. We are taking a group of alumni to see the Golden Eagles to play the Naval Academy. I will get the chance to run while I'm there so I hope to post a few pictures when I get back, if I'm not working on a paper, which is most likely the case. :/

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