Sunday, November 15, 2009

training molly

i've had molly about 5 weeks now. when i got her, the lady who i adopted her from told me she was not trained very well on a leash, she had been 'free to roam'. molly is a very smart, well behaved, and well trained dog (she had been through obediance school as a puppy) so she did surprisingly well on the leash. i started taking her out for walks immediately. she adapted very well, in fact, to every aspect of life with me. except for those moments where she wreaked a bit of havoc in my house (a pillow, some mail, and a couple of shoes), and we figured out some solutions to those things. and in her defennse, i felt she was acting out of depression, adjusting to the new place, etc.

being a runner for years now, i've always thought having a dog to run with would be so fun. i loved jack, but he wasn't a running dog. so when i got the lab, i immediately wanted her to be my newest running partner. i also knew that knowing she wasn't trained on the leash, it wouldn't be immediate. so we walked, and she LOVED it. she's the typical curious dog, sniffing at everything, but she has tons of energy. this past week, she seemed a little extra clingy to me a couple of days, and she attacked two pair of shoes, ruining one of each pair. forget the fact i was mad, i decided it was time to get her out running. the next night, we attempted a couple of miles and made it 2 1/2. she had a BLAST. after i brought her home, i went back out to finish my 6 miles. when i got home, she was out cold on the couch. i snapped a phot cause it was priceless. it was like she was meant to run with me. the next night, we went out for two more, and again, loved it. i rested on friday for my big 20 on saturday, and after my 20 on saturday, i was way too tired. today, she accompanied me on a recovery run. i was just going to do 2, but it was such a pretty day and my legs felt oddly good after the hard 20 that we went for one more. yeah, she was tired, but she did very well.

she's getting better and better. still working on her fitness and her focus though. she tends to want to sniff a little, and she also gets distracted by dogs in yards and people sometimes. as we run, i talk to her, tell her she's doing good or tell her no. i also keep the leash short so she has to stay near me. we're getting there, will just take practice! the good thing is she loves it and so do i. i look forward to the day she can go the distance with me. what a great future running partner i've got!

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