Sunday, November 22, 2009

stop - taper time

most marathoners don't like tapering. the mental stress, the potential for weight gain, missing the energy of the hard training, etc. i actually love it - tapering is part of training. i don't have the mental stress, i love the break from the hard training, and i don't mind an extra pound or two.

today, i am two weeks out from vegas, two weeks left of tapering. i feel ready, as ready as i can be. yesterday i ran 12 miles and did about what i wanted to do. during last week's 20, i worried that i was hitting my peak that day. i have done that before as i'm sure many marathoners have. two years ago, when i was in the best shape of my life and had great potential marathon day, i peaked too early. the day of my race, nothing. i knew i had a problem one week after the last 22 miler, that should have been my marathon, when i could barely run. i felt good after yesterday when i ran the 12, even though i was tired, i still had something in the tank. i'm hoping, counting in, that i have even more in the tank after these two weeks of tapering.

i will be 37 in about 2 months. it's crazy, and i wonder how i got here so fast. i feel my age more now than ever. like needing more sleep, aches and pains in places i've never had them, etc. for the most part, i'm as strong as i've ever been. i'm not worried about my age yet really as i feel i have lots of running in me. i have lots left to do!

today, i will enjoy my tapering , and hope it provides the recovery i need for my race in two weeks!

viva las vegas!


  1. That is way cool - I wish I enjoyed the taper, not so much for me! In fact, I am tapering less because, for me, I think too much taper, throws me "off my game."

    I am so excited for you.
    I thought of you today as I ran a progression run. I know you are good at the slow start, faster finish. I am learning to do it too. Slow learner, but I think I have arrived. Finally!

  2. it's funny you say you thought of me today, cause i thought of you when i wrote that. i know you hate the taper! :)

  3. Your running is ridiculously inspirational to me. Thanks for blogging about it!

  4. Tapering is hard, not that I have lots of experience, but hearing about your experience has been insightful. You have been training WELL and it will pay off!