Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ready or not...

vegas - here i come!

where have the 16 weeks gone? for real! for the longest time i've been so excited about going to vegas and seeing my friends, and it's finally here. and oh yeah, i have to run a marathon while i'm there too! and i think i'm ready!

last week was thankgiving. i ran 3 days, and i taught 3 spin classes. i also went for a couple of walks. my legs, the week before, had been pretty tired, so i really wanted to focus on feeling better. hopefully i will! i will run a few days, some short easy distances, this week in my final days before sunday. this week the taper is no pressure, no stress, rest up!

yes, i'm running a marathon on sunday. i have no idea of what i'll do, and really no expectations. i'm excited about the run. but the best part is i'm going to vegas!!! i'm also staying with some really fun, cool friends from college who will show me all the sites. my friend garrett sent me a list of the top 17 things to see in vegas. i can't, nor do i really want to do them all, but i have a few picked out.

1. buffet - post marathon of course. i mean, i have to refuel, right?

2. bellagio fountains - cause they are super cool! expect some cheesey tourist photos!

3. the stratosphere - i'm horrified of heights, but not when i'm enclosed. i'm super excited about seeing vegas from above!

4. steal mike tyson's tiger

this one is self explanatory. everyone in las vegas steals mike's tiger at least once. not only that, but we all get involved in hilarious hi-jinx while trying to return it. don't be the only person to forgo this ritual. for bonus points, attempt this caper in a stolen police car while high on the fictitious drug known as roofilyn. if you get caught, smile, pop a mentos into your mouth and shout "What Happens Here Stays Here!". the cops will laugh and release you so long as you consent to be electrocuted in the genitals by a 12 year old boy. (no not really... you have to have seen 'the hangover' to appreciate this one.)

of course, there are others, like the vegas sign, red rock canyon (maybe a hike), and the volcano at the mirage. i can't go to vegas without trying my luck in the casinos either. there is also one more thing, but you will have to stay tuned to the blog post-marathon to find out...

what happens in vegas, stays in vegas!


  1. Mmm... one more thing? Your getting married!!?

    Ha ha.. Have a great time and run your best race, you are going to do great!

  2. I am pretty sure I have already told you this and I'm sure your friends will know more, we only tried the Bellagio buffet, and let me say it was excellent. So excellent that we went back again. This was a few years ago, we avoided it when I was there this Oct. It is pricey, but AWESOME! Perfect for a post marathon "pig out" That way you can see the fountains before and after the buffet. (the fountain is really nice too. We wanted to go to red rock canyon but we were too exhausted by the time we made it back to Vegas from UTah, etc.