Wednesday, December 16, 2009

my new runner

molly has become quite the runner. she loves it more than anyone i know. it is now to the point where i can't put my shoes on without her going nuts.

last night, i came home from work and had planned to run about 6 miles and take her for 3. i decided to do the 3 alone first, so i could enjoy the company at the end. she was NOT happy that i didn't take her at first, and let me know by scratching and bumping the door as i left the porch. i worried what i what i find in the house when i came home - torn pillow, chewed christmas ornament, etc. i raced back home and luckily, the house was safe. she thought i was done, and even though i told her i was going back and taking her with me, i don't think she was listening.

so i grabbed her leash, and i could see the delight and surprise in her eyes and she bound off the couch to the door. she's such a good girl, and even though she can barely sit still she's so excited, she does let me clip her leash on before she bursts out the door. i couldn't even get my garmin started back before she started dragging me across the yard!

with her ears flying, her tongue wagging, and running as good as ever, we had a blast. she had her best run last night. no walk breaks, not much slowing down, and she minded a lot better. it's consistent work teaching her to run with me, but we're getting there. and it's a ton of fun in the process.

here's a pic of her post-run, by the tree. she's truly a gift for me this year (until something gets broke).

molly says merry christmas!!!!


  1. You are such a good doggy mommy! Have a great holiday!

  2. thanks jenn, she's easy to love! she'd love to go for a fun with you! hope you have a great holiday as well! enjoy!