Tuesday, December 29, 2009

another shot

christmas is finally over, and sunday will be four weeks since vegas. i was to start training for new orleans last week. after my run last tuesday, i didn't run another step, until yesterday.

christmas break + two weeks off from work = L A Z Y days. this year, however, i wanted to run, needed to run, but oddly enough i couldn't. i'm pretty sure if i felt good, i'd be trying to find an excuse not to, or just saying screw it. so in my predicament, i promised myself i'd walk and do plenty of stretching while taking a few more days completely off in order to get the rest i apparently had not given myself after vegas. i started out great by walking an hour after wednesday's spin class.

thursday, i headed to richton to visit the family for a couple of days. once at the parents, we did our christmas on christmas eve. big dinner, lots of presents, and noise. it's always fun, and now we have a little one around again so there is lots of excitement. no running, or walking.

christmas day is a quiet day for us. everyone is gone, so sleeping in is a must, which i did. leftovers are also a must, but this year, we added a big pot of soup. we spent lots of time watching movies, sports, and of course, napped. this day, i did go walk with mom and molly for 45 minutes. i felt good about myself. of course, the whole time i was thinking, i only burned 300 calories. if i had gone for the run i needed to do, i would have burned 800 or more. ugh....

saturday, time to head back home. slept in, again, packed up, loaded up, and drove home. i promised myself an attempt to run, but instead, i went to do some after christmas shopping with my mom and nephew. run later, right? wrong.

sunday came and went with no run or walk. i flat out didn't want to, and to be honest, was nervous about it. so i didn't go. decided i would just start fresh on monday. so i did. after teaching the early spin class, i went for a 3 mile run to test the waters. no pain. the afternoon class didn't hurt me either. tuesday, my trusty partner vicki was back in town, and we went out for 5. i added two more on afterward, and i felt fine! i did do some stretching in between, and later went for a 2 mile walk with molly. i feel like i ran 7 miles today after not running for a week, but the good news is, i am not having hamstring/hip/glute/knee pain.

tomorrow, gonna run a few more miles after spin. i will continue to run easy this week, and maybe introduce harder runs and tempo runs back into my training in the coming weeks. let's keep the fingers crossed!

9 weeks til new orleans!

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  1. It's worth it to start slowly even though it's so hard! Keep up the pain-free running!