Wednesday, December 23, 2009


sunday will be three weeks since the vegas marathon. and i'm not feeling a lot better.

for two weeks, i took it pretty easy, not running a lot, and when i did, running easy. i felt a lot of tightness in my right leg, hip area, even moving up into my lower back. i continued to take it easy and not push. i even took the weekend off in preparation to start back with miles this week. yesterday, i went out for 8 miles. i felt 'ok' for the most part, however, my legs didn't feel that good. it was warm and a bit muggy, and i did start tiring out. that is still the fatigue from the marathon, which is normal for me as this point still.

this morning, i woke up with pain in my right knee. i still had the tightness in the same places, but feel it's just spreading further down my leg. it's now on the right side of my knee in the IT band area. i taught spin class and could feel it while cycling. i had planned to run afterward, but i decided on the way home to skip it and just go for a long walk. i took molly with me for about an hour and 10 minute walk, probably about 4 miles. btw, walking is a serious second place to running for her.

after the walk, i spent some time in the yard, and after a nap and some errands, i felt like i had run 15 miles. i'm not sure what's up, or really what to do, except continue taking it easy for another week. i will keep walking and doing some running, but really add in some serious stretching. i do not feel i am injured, but instead just really returning slowly. i'm a slow recoverer as it is, so this is just part of it!

10 weeks until rock n roll new orleans mardi gras marathon. i hope i'll be ready!


  1. Girl - I feel your pain. I am so antsy to get started with some training, but need to hold back, urgh. I am in new territory that I DO NOT LIKE IT. O'well, I'm in the same boat, all I can do it take it easy and hope for the best.

  2. Hi, I just came over from Happy Feet's blog and was so interested in your story about your hip/back because I'm going through the same thing!! I went to my doctor and got a massage on Monday so I feel better but I have a marathon in four weeks!! I hope you recover QUICKLY!! Nice visiting your blog!

  3. Recover quickly, take your time, and have a happy Christmas! Get into a good stretching routine, it will help, I bet all you need is a bit more time and your be back to normal! Cheers!