Monday, April 12, 2010

a new hobby

say hello to my newest hobby. i'm a PROUD new owner of a pelican apex 100 sit on top kayak. i've been wanting a kayak for years, and now i have one!
my friend from work and i headed out sunday to make our purchases. it ended up being an all day trip as the store we went to in gulfport only had one! that was a problem cause we both decided on the same kayak. so, we headed to mobile. melissa's boyfriend was also with us and decided he wanted the same one as well. so, after thinking and stopping at a few other stores, we made it to mobile. a little while later, we were loading our brand new kayaks on the back of the truck. after an 8 hour day, our mission was complete. i also purchased some necessary accessories: life vest, water proof bag, some tie downs for my car, and a paddle! i must admit, i felt a little geeky getting excited about all that gear, but it looks so cool on top of my xterra! at 10 ft long and 40 lbs, i have a load on my hands, but i can handle it!

tomorrow, i'll be getting up bright and early to get my run in so that i can take the kayak out for its maiden voyage after work. i'm pretty excited! this summer, i hope to log lots of miles on my feet, my bike, and now my kayak. definitely looking forward to a new way to cross train while resting my legs!


  1. Very exciting! I bet "The Running Artist" can give you some tips. Fun!

  2. Seems that was a very exciting sports, I want to try too.