Saturday, April 3, 2010

decisions, decisions

the deadline to choose my fall marathon is looming. i thought i had a good idea of what i'd do, but a new opportunity came my way last tuesday. several friends were in town last week for founders' day, one a runner who is from the dc area. he ran the marine corp 2 years ago as his first marathon, and he decided we should do it this year.

marine corp is one i definitely want to do, and have wanted to do for a long time. my friend kept talking to me about it over and over while he was in town. i first blew it off, but the more i think of it, the more i want to go. from a financial standpoint, it makes sense. my only expenses would be registration and airline. his family lives outside of dc in virginia, so it's doable.

my other option is the rocket city marathon in huntsville, which my friend ginny, Happy Feet 26.2, is thinking of doing. we've talked of doing a marathon trip together before, and this would be a great opportunity. this is also a smaller marathon that would allow me to not have to bob and weave through crowds as much.

there are pros and cons to each i'm sure. i'll figure it out, and make a decision. either way, it will be a fun fall marathon.

now i just have to get off the couch and go run today. :)

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  1. I've run Rocket City once when I lived there and it was a nice course (though very windy!! Who ever knows the weather though). And Ginny would be a lot of fun to run with, I'd think. But Marine Corp has excellent reviews and I hear very nice. You're right, decisions decision!

    Have a great Easter!!