Wednesday, March 31, 2010

it's great to be a golden eagle

a day in history i will never forget. i'm tired and exhausted, and my feet may never be the same after working for 13 or 14 hours, but the centennial celebration day was a day to remember. thousands came to celebrate, and it was truly a success.
we celebrated our founding first by recognizing our students and their accomplishments. then we dedicated our centennial gateway and its donor. we announced the time capsule. we invited our VIP's to a special lunch. we recognized our faculty and staff for their accomplishments and dedication to our university. we were joined by our governor, lt governor (a southern miss grad), and other guests at a formal convocation with full regalia. then we partied...a picnic on our green space. we ended the day with the photo above.
a day i'll never forget. a piece of history.
p.s. i am in the photo above. first row of the first zero, on the left side, beside a guy in a brett favre vikings jersey (yes, brett is an alum along with jimmy buffett). i'm in a black dress, and the girl on my right is in a bright blue shirt. maybe i'll post a better picture later.

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