Sunday, March 28, 2010

calm before the storm

i had hoped for a relaxing weekend, and for the most part, i got it. i finished up my marathon week of spinning thursday, and i was ready to get back to normal starting friday.

after work, i joined a couple of friends for some mexican, margaritas, and then alice in wonderland in 3d. what a fun night to unwind and escape. i haven't seen a 3d movie since jaws in 3d i think! i'm a johnny depp fan so i really enjoyed this movie - total fun!
saturday morning, back to running! vicki joined me at my house for a run in my neighborhood, but before she met me, i did an easy 3. i got in a total of 9 miles. it was a little tough since i hadn't run in over a week, but i did it. it was a gorgeous morning, and it was good to be out of the pedals and on my feet! after the run, i got dressed in a hurry and went to hubfest, which is a yearly festival in our historic downtown. it's complete with stages for bands, vendors selling all kinds of things (artwork, jewelry, crafts), tons of bad for you food that's oh so good, etc. it was a beautiful day which i assume contributed to the larger than ever crowd.
my primary reason for going to hubfest was to help out a little bit at the southern miss stage and tent. i work for the university of southern mississippi alumni association, and our university is celebrating the 100th year on tuesday. this whole year has a full schedule of events, but tuesday is the anniversary of the school's legislative founding so therefore a huge day for us. we played a special role at hubfest, complete with a mini-eagle walk featuring part of our marching band, dancers, mascot (seymour), football players, and other athletes. (eagle walk is the walk our football team makes each home game through campus to the locker room, it's kind of a big deal). it was fun seeing all the black and gold.
it was a busy, but fun weekend. after hubfest, i did lots of yard work and house work, which left me exhausted and feeling a little under the weather. i woke up sunday feeling the same way, but was determined to get out and about. after church and some time in the sun, i gave up, came inside and slept. i have a really busy week so i don't want to take any chances! still don't feel well, but all is ok.
i will miss a few more days running due to teaching tomorrow and work tuesday, but after that i hope to get back to a normal schedule.


  1. Thanks for the update. Sounds like a great weekend. Chad and I have A.I.W. on our list to see too. Hey, you wanna run The Run for the Roses? I hate that I always miss HubFest - I'm always in Mobile on the HubFest weekend - bummer.

  2. Hubfest was great fun! I eat too much so I had to deal with that on Sunday too. Good to see you are still running strong. Maybe I will so you Tuesday afternoon at the big Centennial picnic. Cheers!

  3. ginny, i would LOVE to do the run for the roses, BUT, i have a big work thing that day that i volunteered to help with. i need to find my next 5k though.

    jenn, i'll be there! i'll be exhausted by then, but i'll be having a blast! look for me!