Wednesday, March 24, 2010

spinning marathon week

this is a marathon if a different kind. the spinning kind. this week, i'm putting running aside to conquer a new challenge. 7 spin classes. doesn't sound like much? well, trust me it is!

i teach 3 spin classes a week which fits in nicely with my running schedule and offers me a great opportunity for high intensity cross training. i love my classes, and that i can express my personality through the music i play and the style of class i teach. often, i sub for the other instructor (a class here and there) who has 5 classes a week. this week, he's on vacation! at the gym, i consider myself a bit of a spin class beast. so he asked about subs for this week, and as a self proclaimed 'beast', i was like give em all to me!!! i ended up taking all but 1 of his classes as another sub wanted to teach one.

so today, after teaching my 5th class, i am finding myself a tired legged beast! i have had 4 really solid, tough classes, and one fairly easy class. this morning, i wondered if i'd make it, but much like running, as class moved along the legs loosened up and got better. i'm happy i'm on the downhill slide of this subbing thing! tomorrow i have two more, back to back, after work. i will be one happy spinner once that last one ends at 7:10 p.m.!

i'm looking forward to being back on my routine next week!

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