Monday, March 15, 2010

what's next

it's funny how for weeks before the last marathon i was so excited to not have anything to train for, to just run. now that the marathon is two weeks behind me, i'm finding myself wanting to train for something.

this week i'm finally feeling better, and i actually have had a couple good runs. the change in weather (sudden feel of spring) and the time change has me feeling a bit recharged. plus, it's spring break, and i'm enjoying a few days off from work.

saturday, i bumped up the miles to 8, then ran a quick 4 yesterday after the baseball game. when i say quick, i mean a tempo run, and an unplanned one. i headed out thinking, 'this isn't going to be a good day', but my first mile was a surprising 9:25. so, i got a little adventurous and decided to see what i could do. second was 8:48, so then i wanted to see what else i could do. the third was 8:38, and i was definitely feeling it. i was grateful for a couple of stops for traffic when i needed to cross a street. my last one was 8:25, and i averaged out at 8:49. and even though i was sucking wind, i felt great. an unexpected run like that is a thrill. it does something to you that nothing else can. it boosts the confidence, and it motivates.

so, what next? i will continue with my 2010 goal of doing more shorter races, and i'd like to find a half or two to do over the spring or summer. during that time, i'll be thinking of what fall marathon i'll do. i have a few ideas, but no decisions yet. as usual, i will have to wait until the football schedule comes out which determines my work schedule for the fall as well. we'll see!!!


  1. good work. I'm determined to get home for a game this fall, so maybe we can get together. And if there's a run around, I'm in.

  2. I always feel like I want to plan another race by my second week after a marathon. I just like the training and goals I guess! I'm glad you're feeling recharged!

  3. Sounds like a great spring, summer, fall ahead for you.