Friday, March 19, 2010

spring break!!!

i work for a university, and typically we don't get spring break. the last two years, due to the budget crisis, our president has been gracious to give us the week. one as a cost saving measure for the campus, and two, to boost morale during tough economic times. i didn't go anywhere last year or this year, and both years i used it as time to clean house, do yard work, and REST!

i have no issue with sleeping in, but since i've been a runner, those days are rare and treasured. during my spring break, it was the same, although i got in plenty of naps. i still had to teach my spin classes, but i was able to get in some great (and fun) runs.

monday, i had my morning spin class as usual. after that i met my friend vicki for a short 4 mile run. i was pretty tired. no one showed for the afternoon class (no surprise considering spring break) so i was glad to go back home and relax.

tuesday, just a 6 mile run around my little neighborhood. i wasn't feeling very well (stomach issues) so it was a tough day. i spent the rest of the morning doing a lot of yard work and the afternoon doing some work work.

wednesday, i was back to teaching that morning. let me note here that my morning classes start at 6 a.m., so i get up at 5:15. after that class, a short 4 mile run with my buddy terri. we kept it short because the running club was hitting the streets for track on tap. let me explain track on tap. we have some super fun, and crazy, runners in our club. track on tap was started a few years ago, and we simply meet at a location and run from bar to bar. we typically get 3-4 miles, easy, with 2-3 stops in between. at the stop, you can partake in the beverage of your choice, from beer to water to diet cokes. often, these runs have themes...halloween, christmas, and yes, st. patrick's day. we were all decked out in green, some had some cute accessories as well. (hopefully a pic to follow if chris maul will post them online for us! :)). so at this track on tap, we got in 3.5 miles. a total of 7.5 for me that day.

thursday, SLEPT IN!!! took it easy most of the morning, watched tv, napped, etc. that afternoon, did some more yard work which consisted of a lot of raking and bending over. i count yard work as a workout any day!

friday, today, was my ridiculous day. i met terri for 10 miles this morning. i can't say no, and i wanted to do 10 miles! we ran it easy, and we really had fun talking and catching up. back home to relax before the 5k tonight! i finally had a sunny day where i could get in my backyard and get some sun. i enjoyed that then finished up my afternoon with a little more work work and a nap before the race. i had mixed thoughts on what i'd attempt to do....race it or screw it and run it for fun. i hadn't decided until they said go. i ended up starting with a friend jodie, who is pregnant. i ended up staying with her, and we ran about a 10 minute pace and just laughed and chatted the entire race. i'm sure those around us who were really struggling hated us, but we had a good time. i had 4.5 total after a 1 mile warm up and a .5 mile cool down.

so, tonight i'm tired. i'm at 32 miles for the week, just 3 weeks after the marathon. i'm feeling good and excited about how i feel mentally and physically. tomorrow, if the weather is kind, vicki and i will jump on our road bikes for an easy ride as it will be my first time on my bike since the early fall. next week, i will be subbing for 4 spin classes, in addition to my regular 3, for a total of 7 that week. i doubt i will be able to squeeze in a run, maybe 1 or 2, but that's probably good as the spinning will exhaust me. i won't let it phase my current motivated state, but allow it to be a break after a harder week.

so, staying true to my 2010 goals, i have completed my first short race of the year, even though i technically didn't race it. at least i'm in the game!!!

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