Saturday, July 16, 2011

good for the soul

recovery week has once again found it's way to me. and it's almost over. fortunately i get to look forward to a relaxing recovery week after two weeks of mileage building. let me say again, i don't dislike the mileage build weeks, but everyone needs a rest. and i always enjoy my rest.

there is something exhilarating, while difficult, about the high miles and the long run. high mileage weeks challenge the body and the mind. you really start to test your limits, especially in this heat, and i love it. the testing, not the heat. so far, i have reached about 40 miles, and with 7 weeks to go til tupelo (i think 7), i will climb a little higher. my training for tupelo is mostly about building mileage while maintaining a base speed. the heat has simply been too much to force tempos and speed sessions that will just leave me frustrated and overly fatigued. sadly we still have a long ways to go before summer will end, however, i'm happily managing in the heat. i'm nailing paces on my long runs and finally hitting the slightly quicker paces during my weekday runs which are now between 8 and 12 miles.

tupelo looms like a giant something, not sure what. but i'm feeling more and more confident as the summer rolls along that it will go well. well, being as well as can be expected in the mississippi summer. my goal is not for time, but to finish standing up. or maybe it should be to finish! houston follows tupelo by about 4 months. i have slightly bigger goals for that one, but i will save that for another day.

after last week's rolled ankle, but still very successful 16 miler, i came into recovery week a little tired but happy. the week started slowly, my body still feeling the last two weeks, but just like it's supposed to, i started feeling better as the week went along. my legs woke up, my body felt better and now i'm ready for the next two weeks. recovery weeks are like little rewards for the hard work. they are good for the legs. the body. the mind. but really good for my soul! just like that, i'm ready to work hard again next week. bring it!

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