Thursday, July 7, 2011

it is just 10 miles...

40 miles - that was my total for last week. what a great week it was. every run was nailed. every run had a purpose. and every run was good. i had a lot of confidence and extra motivation coming into this week, and i was ready.

i enjoyed the 4th on monday with minimal activity. i took it easy, enjoyed the pool and my family and got some extra rest. tuesday's run was a 10 miler, and i attempted to head to bed early so i could be rested for the 4:30 wake up. i slept horribly, and i felt really weird when i woke up. i felt weak, a bit nauseated and my head was very fuzzy. i shrugged it off as being the morning blahs, and got ready to run. i met up with terri, and we headed out. i knew immediately it wasn't there. there would be no forcing it or easing into it either. i figured i'd forget the planned pace and just do the distance. after about 2 miles, i was quick to learn i couldn't even do that. that course is two five mile loops, and after 3 walk breaks in those first miles, i knew that was all i had. I had no issues calling it a day. i went on to work, but i felt pretty crappy all day. battled some stomach issues and just felt yuck.

i really thought i'd crash that night, but no, another sleepless night. i felt better when i got out of bed on wednesday though and enjoyed a great spin class. i even had my yearly evaluation. so i figured wednesday night i'd crash after two rough nights. no again! but poor sleep doesn't really affect my running, so i felt ok when i woke up this morning. once terri, vicki and i got loose in the first few miles, the run was right on point. nailed it. but....we stopped for water just before mile 3 at the track. after a lap around, when leaving the track, i stepped on a big rock, really more of a piece of concrete, and rolled my ankle. i didn't fall (shocking), but i was in pain. i walked it off, caught my breath, and realized i could go on. the thing with a rolled ankle is when i'm running it doesn't hurt, but rotating it sideways and around KILLS it. i have a nice big egg on the side of my ankle and it's a bit blue. however it's nothing major or severe, and i'll be fine.

definitely some ups and downs this week, but i came through on top. see, i've learned that ups and downs are inevitable and really shouldn't be a big deal. it's how you deal with them that makes the biggest difference and can be a big deal if you let it. in years past, i have been bothered by days like tuesday, but you have to realize that there will be days when you're sick, the weather is bad or you just don't have it. you have to put it behind you and move forward. you have to realize that one run doesn't make or break your training. that's exactly what i did. i put it behind me, and tackled today's run with no problems. i mean, it was just 10 miles....


  1. 40 miles! That's a great week. You have such fortitude Dawn. Let me know nest time you are going out for a slow run, I will join you!

  2. Way to roll with the punches.