Thursday, June 30, 2011

breakthrough?? maybe...

i don't know if it was a breakthrough, but i'm calling it close at least. the run on schedule today - 12 miles at M+30. it was a tad bit cooler than tuesday, but let's face it, it's warm no matter what. every day in the summer is a struggle.

the last few weeks, i have had some problems maintaining my M+30 pace for the whole run. in fact, i would downright fall apart in the latter miles. i had decided that i would start a bit slower for the first mile or two, then try to get on pace, and slow down in the last mile or two if needed. today, after about 2 miles, i got on pace and stayed there. james had told me it's those middle miles that mean the most, so i really worked to stay on track from 3 until at least 9 or 10. but once i got close to the end, i didn't want to let up. i knew i'd get tired, so i would tell myself, when you get to 10, you can ease up. i got to 10, and i decided to wait until 11. i got to 11, and i said, well i'm this close. i got tired in that last mile or so, but i pushed on through. before i knew it, i was back at my house.

the temperature might have been a little cooler than tuesday, but it's still super humid and warm. i was soaking wet, with not a dry spot on me from head to toe. i always suffer through the summer, and having a great run has almost been impossible for me. to the point of not wanting to run. after my run today, that motivation was back up high, as if i had done an awesome speed or tempo session. it wasn't a fast run, but it was a strong, solid run in never easy conditions. and it was 12 miles.

tonight, i'm relaxing and enjoying my success from this morning. (i should be doing school work) i'm also thinking that i trust my coach. trust his judgement on every aspect of my training. and today, the pieces for the summer started really falling into place. a breakthrough? yes!

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  1. That 14 miler on Saturday was quite impressive as well! Enjoy the holiday!