Sunday, June 26, 2011

the week of friends

as i posted a few days ago, this has been my recovery week. my main running partner and friend, terri, was in honduras for a mission trip, so i was left to my own to get in my miles. it ended up working out that i was able to run with a variety of friends, some new and some old.

tuesday was an 8 miler, and as i was sitting in my super long monday night class, i was starting to think i was going to be on my own for that one. no bigs. good, faithful and oldest running partner, vicki, texted me saying she wanted to run. two things i'm happy about - 1. vicki has text now and 2. she wanted to run the next morning. after getting out of class at 10:20, i was not excited about waking up at 4:30 to run at 5. she ran 5 of my 8 with me, and it was a nice recovery run. we were able to catch up and the miles just flew by.

because monday was such a late night, i was pretty tired tuesday and even wednesday. thursday, my run was only 4 miles so i opted for sleeping in and hitting the treadmill after work. enter second friend run. a new, but now very close, friend from work is getting back into running, so i coerced her into hitting the treadmill with me. she and i were both going for 4 miles, and she did amazing. for just starting back, she was able to run the whole 4 miles with only a couple of short walks. her success made my run so much more fun.

thursday's run was only 4 miles because, enter friend 3, an old running partner who moved to fayetteville about 4 years ago was passing through town and wanted to run. she and i planned to do 4 easy just to catch up and since it was my recovery week, the timing couldn't have been better. vicki joined us as well, and we had so much fun.

saturday was another easy 8, and jenny maul (from hello jenny) was going to run with me and vicki for part of it. as jenny and i were about to head out, jen torres (from the running artist) came running up and ended up going the 8 with us. jenny and jen had never met, so it was even more fun as they are both artists! we had such a nice visit and a great run on top of it. before we knew it, the 8 miles had clicked by and we were done.

friends are what make running so much more fun. recovery week was successful because i recovered and had great runs. i feel good and ready to resume my build for tupelo (10 weeks by the way). recovery week was also not just successful, but fun. i enjoyed the company of some great people that i don't always get to spend time with. that's what it's all about sometimes. thanks vicki, ashley, jenny and jen for a great week!

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