Monday, June 20, 2011

recovery week

this week is coming at a good time. right after a tough week. and right on time. i get to sleep a little more, run a little less, but eat a little healthier. i have no trouble taking rest days or recovery days, especially when i'm tired. i don't get antsy. i don't get annoyed. i get rested.

this week, 8 is the magic number. 8 tomorrow, 8 between thursday and friday and 8 saturday, all at recovery pace. i will also get to enjoy friday with an old running friend who is passing through town, which is running at its best. running with friends is one of my top reasons to run.

recovery weeks are not just for the body, they are also for the mind. i have instructions this week to take care of my body - get extra rest, maintain a good diet, run less miles, etc. while my body is resting a little, so will my mind. there will be no thinking about maintaining a pace or not being able to. the fewer miles will allow for more sleep, more rest for the brain along with the body.

they say, and by they, i mean everyone who knows anything about training, that recovery and rest is as important as the actually training miles. rest is part of training. the body needs it. the mind needs it. and i'm excited about it. here's to recovery week!


  1. I totally agree, and it's the hardest thing for me. I never give myself a break and I'm sure I've paid the price because of it. I'm convinced I overtrained for the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon and paid for it race day. You might be interested in my Yoga teacher's latest book:

  2. wow, what a great book. how lucky are you to have that knowledge in a yoga instructor! sounds a lot like my coach. you should check out his blog -

  3. That's one good lookin' blog...