Thursday, September 24, 2009

week 6

i'm about 1/3, a little over, of the way into my training. i knew my training would be aggressive, and now my body knows it too.

this week, i started with teaching a spin class on monday. i had decided that after the tough 18, i wouldn't run until tuesday. spin was good, pretty tough class, but it felt good on my legs. tuesday was the day i was going to do my 3x1600 meter repeats at the track. of course it was raining, but i went on out, even though i DID NOT want to. i made it through one repeat, 7:44 pace, but the second one, i strugged, 7:50. still happy with those times, i had been debating the third 1600. after encouragment from ginny and vicki, who were doing 800's, i went on with it. i suffered. 7:56. i was a bit discouraged with that time, but it was honestly all i had. legs were tight, especially the right one, and my gait was way off because of it. the cool down even hurt. the air was as thick as it could get, and it never stopped raining. the rain is a blessing, keeping it much cooler than it could be. all in all, i was proud of that workout because i did it when i didn't want to, and i kept going when i wanted to throw in the towel. 6 total miles.

wednesday morning was my weekly class, which was more on the moderate side, but still a good workout. that afternoon, yes, more rain. i had a 7 mile run to do, easy pace, and i wasn't expecting anything great. jim went out with me to do about 5, with the option to leave me if i got too slow. i kept it around 9:40, and i was pretty ok with that. the down side, my right leg is not in good shape. the 18, speed work, and steadily increasing miles over the weeks are catching up with me. my body doesn't react or recover like a lot of other runners. i tend to have to be conservative which is usually ok with me. my leg isn't injured, but it's very sore, tight, and it makes running difficult.

so today, i had wanted to wake up early to run my 7 for today. no one could go with me, so i opted for bed instead of doing it alone. probably a good idea since that will give me a full 24 hours of rest before i attempt another run. i will decide today what i do after work, if i run or go to yoga instead. i might have to drop my miles back and run 4 or 5 instead of 7. sucking it up and going with it would be ok, but i have 20 miles on saturday to consider. this run is TBD.

either way, grey's anatomy's 2 hour season premiere is tonight. something to look forward to!

stay tuned!

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