Wednesday, September 16, 2009

yee haw!

boy am i tired! last week was nuts as well as the weekend. we hosted the ogletree house ribbong cutting / grand opening events thursday through saturday. they couldn't have gone better! it was a big moment in my job, and i'm happy to say it was pretty good job. the moments where the alumni are thrilled are what make the job worth it..the stress, lack of sleep, worry, fatigue, etc.

last week was a down week, but this week, back to it! i promised to hit it hard, and i'm doing my best! monday was my double spin class day, and i survived. tuesday was an easy 7 miler, and i survived. it was one of the muggiest runs i've had in a long time! i took the opportunity that i was presented last night and came straight home after work to REST! it paid off. taught a great spin class this morning to a male outnumbering group (rare), and tonight was a tempo run. now, i was a bit nervous cause i knew this was the time i really needed to start working hard. i've justified half-assed attempts at tempo runs or mile repeats in the previous few weeks, and it's time to put my money where my mouth is. so i did. i headed out for 8 total and decided to make 5 of those tempo miles. vicki joined me for 6 miles. i told myself, no expectations, start out the first mile shooting for a 9 min. mile and go from there. first mile was 8:52, then it started raining, and then it started storming! the second mile was 8:32, cause i was running for the rain shed! the lightening got scary so we had to seek cover for 5 or so minutes until it passed. we headed back, and the third mile was 8:24, and the fourth mile was 8:33. vicki decided 4 tempo was enough, so i ran in the last mile - 8:15. i finished 5 tempo miles at an average of 8:32, total time 42:44. i was very happy with that considering i had low expectations.

i always say if i can make it through wednesday (that's usually the hard workout day), the rest of the week is gravy, including the long run. tomorrow, i will run an easy 6 after work, then do a yoga class right after. i imagine friday will be a total rest day in preperation for saturday's 18 miler! i know, 18 already??? vicki will be running 13 to prepare for a half marathon in a couple of weeks. we'll be heading to bonhomie for this run, the scene of the dog bite back in may. i still have the scar! i will be armed this time.

i feel like i'm becoming a runner i used to be. i'm waking up and going for runs even though it's raining. i'm going after work even though it's hot. i'm not finding excuses to skip. vegas is probably not going to be a PR or a stellar race, but it will be a huge return to marathoning for me. i'm excited and gaining my mental strength.

run for your life!!!!

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  1. Nice runs! Vegas can be whatever you choose it to be. You are on the road back. Go for it!