Monday, February 21, 2011

back to blogging

in november i vowed a return to blogging. you see it's the end of february, and my return wasn't successful. that's what school will do to you. i'm in my second semester of graduate school, and i'm finding it a bit more challenging mostly because of the professors. they aren't as organized as i'd prefer and it's causing me some stress. the good news, i'm adjusted to juggling the load of school, work and training. that doesn't mean i love it though.

since i last wrote, i not only ended my first semester of grad school with a 4.0, celebrated christmas and turned 38, but i also started training for another marathon, which is in 12 days. 3 friends (one being Happy Feet 26.2) and i will be driving to albany, georgia for the snickers marathon. i'm excited about this trip for several reasons. my last few marathons i have traveled to alone (even though i met friends, the travel part was lonely and left me more anxious about the race) so i'm really looking forward to a girls road trip made up all of runners! another reason is i plan to eat a HUGE snickers bar as soon as i feel like it at the finish of the race, and maybe more than one. and another reason is i'm hoping to turn a corner in my training. the last few years have been difficult for me for many reasons, and my training hasn't escaped the effects of these reasons. i'm not blaming circumstances, but i am admitting that i haven't cared about my training whatsover. i'm returning to my old self and i'm ready to get going with some serious work! last week, i met with a fellow runner here in hattiesburg, PowerMultisport who i wil most likely enlist with coaching me, ultimately to get to boston. i'm excited about this opportunity and the possibilities than can lie ahead. now that boston has tightened the grip on their race, qualifying can prove to be a bit more difficult so i need all the assistance i can receive!

also since my last post, i have run a few races. i started the new year off with a 12k here in town, then the next weekend, with a half marathon in mobile, al. even though i'm not running my fastest, i 'raced' the 12k, but the half was a training run with my good friend and running partner terri. since that half, the training intensity for the marathon picked up following a schedule another local runner created for me. this schedule is very aggressive, and terri and i can say we have run it well. we hit our long runs under pace most of the time and had a few really strong, fast weekends. our speed work was either 800's or 2 mile repeats with a tempo following two days later. the mileage for the speed and tempos reached 10 miles. we loved it!

one week ago, the crew headed to new orleans to run the mardi gras half marathon. this is a big marathon now that it is on the rock n roll circuit, and i honestly don't love it as much as before. this was my first marathon and home to a PR at one time. this year, while running the half, it is home to my first major fall in a race. terrible road plus heavy legs equals falling. i fell hard and fast. i sat in the road, stunned, and two really nice runners helped me up and off to the side. a race photographer kindly came to my assistance alertng a NOPD officer. i was just about to faint, i'm guessing from the pain, and the photographer helped me lay down and covered me up with my long sleeve shirt i had tied around me waist. the police officer called the paramedics, and the next thing i know, i am being helped onto a stretcher and carted across the street to the cheers of the marathoners. once inside, they sort of cleaned me up, although not very well (i spent the next few days cleaning dirt and tiny bits of gravel out of my left hand and left knee). i was informed they could not take me to the finish area, where my friends were waiting, so they drove me a couple of blocks to an aid station, where a shuttle driver KINDLY took me to the finish. i was so happy to reunite with my friends, and celebrate their PR's. terri snapped this photo of me at the finish. we had a great time, and even though i fell at 11.4 miles and was unable to finish, i am happy with my effort until then. the goal wasn't 13.1 in new orleans, it is 26.2 in albany. i'm lucky to have no broken bones or torn anything. my cuts and bruises are healing nicely, and i haven't had to miss a training run following the accident. it makes for a great story and a great facebook profile pic!

school work won't be letting up, but my training has as i am now tapering. hopefully despite the busyness of life, i can get back to regular blogging.

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