Tuesday, February 22, 2011

taper time - am i ready?

this is about when the pre-marathon jitter begin to set in, but i'm usually pretty excited about the taper. this time, the jitters are starting to set in, but i am not that excited about being in the taper. could this be a change in me? does it mean i'm now more confident in my running? not sure about that just yet...

i usually taper for 3 weeks, but this go round i was on a 12 week training schedule. i did two 18 mile runs and one 20 mile run, which is a bit different for me. i think i might like it better. in 10 days, we'll see how it much of a difference it makes in the run. this training has already gone better than my last. for one, i started out with no breathing issues thanks to my inhaler. second, it's MUCH cooler! and third, i started off on the right foot with an agressive schedule.

this morning, the question was asked, "what is your race plan?" now that i am pretty much done with training, what is my plan for race day and my goal finish time. scary question, but one i should start considering. my answer was this, to go out a bit slower, and slowly pick it up. yes, that's ideal, and doesn't always work, but in ALL of my training runs, that is exactly what i did. my first goal is to reciprocate that on race day. second, my goal pace is average 9:20 to 9:30. my goal finish time is 4:05 to 4:15. given the fitness condition i am in now, a 4:05 would be great, and a 1 minute PR. 4:15 would be great also as it is a step forward after a few years of digressing.

my answer was well received by my runner friend who made my schedule, and i value his opinion. so, there is my plan. now the question is, am i ready? yes, i think so!


  1. All things considered, start out slow or at least even. If you go out too fast you will not get that time back. Execute like you have in your long runs – you have been nailing those sessions!

  2. thanks james! that's my goal - and i hope to do just what you said - execute like i have in my long runs. i feel ready!