Friday, April 29, 2011

another month & week down

another month is done as well as another week. i'm wrapping up my recovery week of training, and i'm starting to feel back to normal. tuesday was an 8 mile recovery, thursday a 10 mile recovery and tomorrow will be 12 and sunday 6. i'll log 36 miles this week. starting tuesday, it's back on with the intensity with speed work. i'm ready!

last sunday, i wrote about my plans for the week. some things i accomplished, some i didn't. first on my list of seeing southern miss defeat alabama. well, that didn't happen. second was to run with scott jurek and chris mcdougall. that didn't happen either. unlike the baseball game, i can explain that one. you see, i had a semester long project due the next day as well as the in-class presentation for that project. the project was a public relations campaign that i built throughout the semester. the presentation was only to be 10 minutes, but i don't do well going off the cuff when speaking in class. so i opted out of the naked run tour that evening to do my final prep for my campaign. said campaign is pictured to the left and was a 1 1/2 to 2 inch thick piece of work, and it better get me an A in this class! the presentation went well, and the campaign is turned in and finished. next up for this class, a take home final due in 2 weeks, and a 10 page paper for another class due in one week. after that, my semester is over. 2 semesters of grad school will be one, with only 5 classes left. 2 in the summer, 2 in the fall, 1 in the spring with comps.

the third item on my list was to attend the school of mass communication and journalism spring awards banquet where i was receiving an award. a few weeks ago, my professor emailed me to submit some work for the student showcase. i thought it was cool, and told her i'd do it. then i realized submissions were due by 5 that day! so i pulled some work i did for a class last semester and sent it in. i was at my parent's house on good friday enjoying the pool and got an email saying i had won an award and would need to attend the banquet. most of the awards given were for graduating seniors, selected by faculty, for their undergraduate success, but there was also the student showcase for particular pieces that were submitted. i won for best public relations research. i submitted a paper i did last semester on social media that focuses on facebook and dove into the social phenomenon it has become. i don't know how many submitted work (probably not many), but i was still honored to be recognized. the theme of the banquet was geared around the oscars hence the reason my trophy is an oscar.

the fourth item on my list was to run lots of great miles, and for the most part i did. at the start of the week, i wasn't as fresh as i would have liked to have been, but the recovery week is working and i'm feeling better. coach james has tweaked my schedule some, so i'm looking forward to starting back with challenging but attainable workouts and seeing how this new schedule works out. i have high hopes.

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  1. I think great success is ahead! Congrats on the oscar.