Tuesday, April 5, 2011

what a week!

i keep waiting for things to slow down, but one task or project gets replaced by another. i think that's just life. the good news is school will end soon! then i get a short break before i start a brief, but full summer. two research classes sounds like way too much fun for one person! today as i registered for summer and fall classes, i realized i will only register one more time after this, and that will be for my spring 2012 semester, my LAST! i can manage 3 more semesters. this week started off great. i had a really good spin class monday morning - great group and a great workout. met with my new coach at lunch to get some planning done. then headed home to see what the weather was going to do. i had planned to take molly for a walk then do some school work, but the storms had other plans for me. i decided NOT to go walking because it looked like things were blowing in rather quickly, and i did not want to get caught a mile from my house. i ate a bowl of cereal and decided to relax a little before doing some work and watching dancing with the stars. again, the storms had other plans for me. a little before 7, it kicked up really quickly. shortly after that, it got really rowdy and at 7, there went my electricity. i decided to attempt some school work anyway, but i guess i was too bothered by what was going on outside to concentrate, plus i couldn't see well and it was only frustrating me, so i gave up. after the storm quietened down a bit, i decided that i would try to sleep. at 8 i headed to bed. i was hot. molly was hot. my ears were acutely aware of every single noise outside. i couldn't relax to sleep. then, i started listening for the power truck and each time a truck with flashing lights went down my street, i jumped up to see where it was going. around 9:45 the lights came back on. i hopped up, turned off the lights, crawled back in bed and hoped for sleep to come quickly. it did not. i guess i was lying there thinking of the school stuff i didn't do because i was wide awake! i am guessing around 11:30 i fell asleep. my alarm was set to go off at 4:30. it did, and shortly after that i received a text from one of the group saying they couldn't make it. i texted another person in the group and asked if they were coming and was told to go back to sleep. so i did about a half hour later. i wish i had gotten up and said, let's go anyway. i think we both would have been glad. oh well, now i'll just have to get a few in after work. this week is an easy week anyway so it shouldn't be that bad. i'm proud to say the bed doesn't win the fight in the morning that often, but i sure do hate when it does. crossing my fingers that tonight after work i will be ready to run! maybe i'll let molly go with me for a mile of it.

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