Sunday, April 24, 2011

off the wagon / back on the wagon

ok, time to get serious again because i haven't been 'winning' with my diet! the last two weekends i have eaten a tad too much easter candy! and a few other treats of the non-candy type. those shall be kept a secret. i am that ashamed. so, tonight, after a big lunch of ham, casseroles, pound cake, and a few pieces of candy, it's back to it! back on the wagon! i stocked up at the grocery store last night so no excuses!

in other news:
my semester is winding down, and in a couple of weeks i'll be able to enjoy a few weeks before the summer session starts. this thursday i present my public relations campaign that i have been working on all semester. in the meantime, i have to have the campaign printed and bound and prepare the presentation. next week, i turn in a 10 page paper that i only have 2 pages of so far. obviously that needs a lot of work. then the next week, i turn in a final exam that i got last thursday. yeah, haven't started it yet at all. it will all get done.

this week:

  • i hope to see southern miss defeat alabama!

  • i plan to run with scott jurek and chris mcdougall

  • i will attend the school of mass communication and journalism banquet where i'll be receiving an award

  • and i will run lots of great miles!

1 comment:

  1. I'll see you Wednesday night and I'm also back on the meal plan - I jumped up a quick 10 pounds since Boston!