Friday, May 6, 2011

abc's of me

ginny over at happy feet 26.2 posted this earlier. like her, i have seen this circulate through the blogsphere, and i was inspired by her to post mine today. maybe you'll learn a little something about me.

here goes!

Age - 38
Baseball - favorite place is The Pete this time of the year
Chacos - my favorite shoes
Dogs - you all have heard about my best friend molly, the big black lab
Easy runs - i appreciate them more now
Friends - love my friends!
Golden Eagles - SMTTT!
Height - 5'5
Iphone - yep, i'm one of those
Job - manager of programs (event planner) at the southern miss alumni association
Kids - no kids, no plans for any - molly and my 3 newphews and niece are enough
Last of the Mohicans - one of my favorite movies
Master's Degree - what i'm working on
NCAA sports - LOVE it
Older brother and sister - one of each
Peanut butter - nuff said
Quiet - that's how i like things
Running - should i say more?
Saturday - favorite day of the week
Thanksgiving - favorite holiday
U2 - a favorite band - after coldplay of course
Visiting my mom and dad's pool - favorite summer activity
Wrist tattoo - 26.2
Xray - had a few - back, foot, teeth
Yellow - favorite coldplay song
Zoo animal - the cats!


  1. love these, thanks for sharing!

  2. I think I did mine wrong. Ha! I didn't change the words, I just changed the answers. O'well, it's all good. Hope you have a great weekend.