Monday, May 23, 2011

summer, it's a love/hate relationship

recovery week ended with a heat wave! last tuesday i ran in a long sleeve shirt and 45 degree weather. thursday, it was warmer, but still upper 50's. by saturday the fun was over. and i think it's over for good. i told james this week that i wish it would just get hot and stay hot. as much as i love the cool snaps, it just needs to go ahead and stay warm so i can start getting used to it.

saturday was tough. it was still recovery week, and i was scheduled to do 12 miles easy. i felt really heavy and had very little energy so i dropped back to 10. i had NO trouble keeping my pace where it was supposed to be for the recovery. it's amazing how much the weather affects your body. james had a great post about that last year and reposted it today. you can read about it here. it's interesting to know what goes on inside your body as the temperatures rise and fall.

sunday was tough too. i woke up and did the 6 recovery miles early, grabbing some water at about the halfway point. i managed the pace a little easier, but my body still felt the heat. i was happy to spend the rest of the day off my feet, relaxing by the pool and on my couch in the AC. i think we are in for a rough summer! i have a love/hate relationship with summer. i love that campus is quiet with students being gone. i love the fun things summer includes like the pool, the lake, movies, sugar free snow cones. but i hate how hard it is for me to run. that hate equals all the fun things i mentioned above, that's how strong it is. but as much as i hate it, there is nothing i can do about it except deal with it!

this week is back on with intensity, and it will be challenging with the lows being in the upper 60's and the humidity being high. the a.m. runs are like a double edged sword. you avoid the sun and the hotter temperatures, but you get the highest level of humidity during the day. i definitely do better before the sun comes up.

i have one more week before school starts back. i'm going to ENJOY it! i have a great book to read, and a long weekend ahead that will include some more pool time! and that is pool time with a float and a radio.

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