Saturday, March 12, 2011

back to running

exactly one week ago, we were celebrating our marathon. where does the time go? it seems like we just started training. just as fast as the marathon came and went, so did my week of recovery, and of that, i am glad. after a week of walking and taking it easy, i was back on my feet running.

this week, i walked every day, except for friday, for at least 45 minutes. sounds easy, but it gets really old, really fast. the only one who loved it was molly. she got to accompany me on all them except for the one i had to do on the treadmill. i also had some time on the spin bike this week. i went to class wednesday prepared to teach, but the crew was all back together and chatting was more fun, so that's what we did. i really enjoy my morning spin class. it's become a great little group of aspiring athletes - marathoners and triathletes in training.

terri told me the saturday running plan on friday, and said she wanted to try for 8 miles. i was so excited to be running, so 8 miles was great with me. the 8 felt ok. i could tell i had run a marathon a week ago, but my legs felt better than i expected. yesterday i woke up with some vertigo, which bothers me from time to time, so since i really needed to go to work, i took some medicine for it and went on ahead. the medicine makes me super sleepy so yesterday was a battle to stay awake. i think it carried over into today as i felt a little loopy this morning and this afternoon. the positive is i got some great rest.

i'm so glad to be back running, and i'm never usually like this. i'm excited for the next step, the next race, and the training. of course, i will ease back into training, but i'm sure glad to not be walking only!

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