Thursday, March 17, 2011

i feel the need, the need for speed!

it appears that the better i feel and the better i run, the more i blog! no one wants to write about their training when it's in the toilet, so it makes sense.

i'm very happy today about how my week has gone. let me remind you that i'm still less than two weeks out from the marathon. i am AMAZED at how good i feel. tuesday's 8x600 workout didn't feel great, but this morning's tempo felt as good as it did before the race, if not better. i mean, wth? who is this person writing this? terri was ready to hit the ground literally running this week, back on with speed and tempo. so just as thursday is for tempo, that's what we did today. chris (tattooed 26.2) has joined us this week, and bless his heart, he drove all the way out from way past anywhere to run with us. we had a great run. how great you ask? well let me break it down for you.

mile 1 - 9:28
mile 2 - 8:48
mile 3 - 8:40
mile 4 - 8:31
mile 5 - 8:23 (we were running for water)
mile 6 - 8:51 (we were full of water)
mile 7 - 8:41
mile 8 - 8:40
average pace - 8:45
overall time - 1:10:10:25

i blame chris, but i ain't mad! (just kidding - no blame) who knew we had this in us so quickly after the race? the good part is right now sitting at my desk, where i'll be all day, followed by sitting in class all afternoon and evening, i feel good - no hip pain, no periformis pain. walking up the stairs and no burning in the quads. following the marathon, i feel like i am in the best possible position i could be in to move forward. i feel like i'm gaining fitness steadily. i'm also losing weight. i finally weighed yesterday for the first time in a month, and i'm down 4 pounds.

i'm excited for what is to come. i'm excited to be training and accomplishing some quality running. and i'm excited to see what james (power multisport) has in store for me!

bring it on summer!


  1. I'm loving your excitement, and I'm feeding off of it. I can't wait to return to running later this week. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Unfortunately, i found your 4 pounds, but I'm working quickly to correct that. No worries, it will fall off, as quickly as it arrived, when I return to running. Any racing coming up?

  2. i think all that walking last week aggrivated my hip more! it's better now that i'm back to it. i know you are ready!

    racing - i'm probably going to p-cola, then who knows after that, nothing set in stone until tupelo. i'm sure i'll find something. the cash flow is sort of setting me back right now. booooo!

  3. I didn't push you.... You rocked it. I have known that you guys had it in you for a long time. You are both in the right place with your running. I see big things to come for you.

  4. Isn't it fun to be excited again!