Monday, March 14, 2011

my daily diet

for a couple of months now i've been monitoring my diet carefully, to the point of it being a bit ridiculous to others, but not to me or those i train with. and it's working. the efforts are paying off. this morning, another pair of pants has some extra room. the belly is looking flatter. and i'm feeling thinner.

what i'm doing. i'm eating lean meats, healthier carbs, less and better fats, less sugar, and a bit more protein. i am a believer in having healthy fats and sugars in your diet. my days consist of oatmeal for breakfast, which i now love and crave. a mid-morning snack of a whole grain bagel or banana. sometimes i might eat just half the bagel and smear a little peanut butter on it. lunch of a turkey or chicken sandwich with pretzels or a salad. a snack of string cheese or banana in the afternoon. and sadly, cereal for dinner, because i love it so much. i am choosing better cereals and eating less of it. i might also have a 50 calorie slice of whole grain bread with a half of a tablespoon of peanut butter. i am not a cook. i don't like it, and i don't do it well at all. i'm not creative in the least with food, which is why my meals are so simple. i know there are areas of a balanced diet where i'm showing a deficiency, but i'm learning and working on it.

i'm using my fitness pal, the same food and exercise tracker as james (power multi-sport). i need accountability when eating healthier and less, so this has been a great tool for me. i've been using it since january probably. it lets me log my meals and snacks as well as my exercise while keeping track of fats, sugars, sodium, etc in addition to the calories i take in and put out. i've always said it's much more difficult to log an unhealthy meal which is how it helps to keep me accountable.

it wasn't until this week that i really felt a big difference in my weight. i don't get on the scales too often so i have no idea how much i have lost. the last time i was on the scales was right after christmas, and i had seen a weight gain that really bothered me. that's why i decided to get serious about my daily diet and training, and it has paid off. maybe this week i'll be brave enough to see what the verdict is on how much i've lost. it's not uncommon for me to feel different after a marathon, especially when i've trained hard and been diet conscience, but this time, i plan to keep on moving in the right direction. not only will i feel better, but i will be able to run better as well. that's very exciting to me!

maybe my next blog will be a post about my pounds lost... stay tuned!

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  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating simply. I find it easier and less stressful.

    If you are having success with your diet (and you are), then why bother with the scale. The extra room in the jeans and flatter belly are proof enough!

    Me? I weigh every day – it is just what I do. But I would rather have my clothes falling off then a certain number on the scale.