Tuesday, March 8, 2011

recovery day 3

my post-marathon glory is winding down. the post-race celebration is over, the trip home is over, a day of rest is over, and now i'm back at work. i have to give ginny (happy feet 26.2) credit, the 'ice bath' worked. technically, it was wading in the hotel swimming pool, but the water was frigid! it might not have been as cold as an ice bath, but that was plenty for me! i do believe it helped tremendously, as well as the walking i've done since then. I walked 2 miles sunday when i got home and yesterday for an hour, slowly of course. i feel like i'm recovering very well after a hard effort.

so what now? this week, no running. i will continue to walk daily, for at least 30 minutes. i will be back teaching my spin class tomorrow, and will do what i can there. i will most likely hit the gym at some point this week to get back to some weight lifting, upper body only until my legs are better. it's spring break on campus, so i don't know if yoga is offered, but i imagine i will wait another week on that. next week, i will ease back into running, nothing intense, just some jogs. i will pick back up on my other workouts as well.

all the albany girls are feeling excited, rejuvinated and more motivated than ever after the race on saturday. 3 of us are already looking ahead to the next marathon and training schedules. it's crazy, but i've only been like this one other time in my life and that was after my first marathon, heading into my second. my first marathon was a miserable 5:35:07, and in my second, i ran 4;14:something, a better time by 1 hour and 20 minutes. i was so determined after that first race to kick the next one's ass, and i did. that's how i feel now. and i LOVE it!

next step, finish recovering. after that, plan out my training for the summer, leading up to the tupelo marathon on labor day weekend. then after that, train to break 4 hours. yeah, i have tiger blood! i have one speed. i have one gear. GO! i'm WINNING!

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