Friday, March 25, 2011

train, work, school, sleep, repeat

i knew i'd run out of gas sooner or later, and this week it did. i'm usually full of energy on monday and tuesday, but by thursday, i'm down for the count. this week was much worse than normal.

not counting the 4:30 a.m. wake up calls for running or spinning, or the numerous assignements i'm working on for school, i was scheduled to be out of my office pretty much 3 full days this week. doesn't sound so bad? well it's not really, but the problem is, i get nothing done when i have to do this. when that happens, i start to stress about the load of work sitting on my desk that needs tending to. i'm planning 2 work events right now, and the correspondence level is high for both of these. so each night, i head to bed flat out exhausted only to lie awake with my mind racing about what i have to get done in the short amount of time i would be in the office. after about 2 nights of this, the deficit adds up. on top of work, i was preparing for a presentation which would last about 30 minutes for my thursday afternoon class.

the presentation went well (got an A), but my training didn't. although tuesday's 4 x 1600m repeats were good, thursday's tempo run had to be cut back from 8 to 6 miles as did the tempo. so pretty much it ended up being a 6 mile easy run. i was fortunate to not have my night class that night so i was able to go home after work and get some much needed rest, including a full 8+hour night's sleep. unfortunately it wasn't enough. by the end of friday i was done. and when the saturday morning alarm went off for my run, i said, no thanks. i can't tell you when i did that last!

training and working is hard enough, but adding in graduate school has tested me. i know, no husband, no kids, so why is it so hard? well because it is! :) after a little rest this weekend, i'll be back at it next week with my usual training, and hopefully more rested and refreshed. i hate that my training was limited this week, but it's better now than in the middle of marathon training. my motivation has not suffered, so i will recover and return better for the extra rest.

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