Tuesday, March 1, 2011

key lime pie - and a hot marathon

i almost made it this week without cracking. today, i cracked, had a weak moment, fell off the wagon - whatever you want to call it. i had a piece of pie. that piece of pie was 300 calories i was hoping to save for something else that would fill me up a little more and be way healthier. however, it was SO good! i'll be fine - the rest of my intake today has been good, and i ran a great set of 800's this morning and 8 miles today. so technically, i'm all that worried about it. but, i sure wish i could have had a clean week! :)
speaking of running, this morning was the last speed session before the race saturday. just 6x800 at a conservative pace. terri and i stuck to that pace, and i am so happy that my legs felt really good! i've had tired legs for the last week probably and they were a bit fatigued during spin monday. i do believe that not pushing in spin class helped save them today. i will rest the remainder of today, teach in the morning and run one last short run thursday. friday, we hit the road. the work is done.
saturday's forecast keeps shower warmer and warmer temps. i am not a warm weather runner whatsoever, so all i can do is hope for the best and run the best that i can. i am hoping that the humidity stays low to keep it the best possible situation. i can't control the weather, so i'll make sure i hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. i don't like to drink a ton in a race so i will have to really make an effort to make sure i stay replenished. this is what i get for choosing a marathon in early march in south georgia! ha!
an update on my 'injuries' from my fall in new orleans:
boy i heal fast! and neosporin is a miracle cream! my right hand is 100% healed, left hand is 90% healed, and knee is 75% healed. the only issue i'm STILL having is my left shoulder which took the brunt of the fall. i'm having pain when i wake up (i unconsciencely sleep in my side) and major rotation issues - limited rotation and pain when i try to go beyond the limit. i don't think anything is torn or that it's anything serious, but it is definitely a nuisance. i have stayed away from weight lifting and yoga so i won't aggravate it further, but so far, i'm not much better. the good news is it doesn't effect my running. i either need a good massage or some good drugs!

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  1. Don't sweat the little things. Just try to stay on track and not worry about anything. Glad to hear that you are 'about' healed up.

    My left shoulder is messed up also, no swimming for me for a while.